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Fitness Classes


The Club Langstone Quays offers a range of fitness classes in Portsmouth to help keep you in shape whilst having fun!

Please note, there must be a minimum of two people per class in order for it to run.


We request that all classes be reserved at least 24 hours in advance and that Aqua classes be reserved a minimum of 48 hours before.

Classes are complimentary to our valued members.

To book a class or for more information, please call us on 023 9246 6214.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9.30 am - 10.15 am 9.30 am - 10.00 am 9.30 am - 10.00 am 9.30 am - 10.15 am 9.30 am - 10.15 am
Circuits L-B-T HIIT Stepercise Balance + Stability
10.30 am - 11.00 am 10.15 am - 10.45 am 10.30 am - 11.00 am 10.30 am - 11.00 am 10.30 am - 11.00 am
Aqua Abs Aqua Strength + Stretch Aqua
6.00 pm - 6.30 pm 6.00 pm - 6.45 pm 6.00 pm - 6.30 pm 6.00 pm - 6.45 pm
Studio Cycling Box-aerobics Strength + Stretch Circuits


A low impact class with a range of simple exercises which focus on core strengthening, followed by stretching to relax the body.


Fun water workout, no impact, just an excellent workout for the whole body using a mix of cardiovascular activity with muscle strengthening using weights and resistance.

Balance & Stability

Stability is the ability to control your body position from head to toe through movement and balance is the ability to maintain your centre of gravity over your base of support.

Box Aerobics

This is an exercise concept based on the training methods used by boxers.  It is a fun, challenging and safe workout that is great for stress-busting, accessible to all ages and fitness levels. 


High intensity, low impact training and not for the faint-hearted.  A full-body workout hitting all major and minor muscle groups, great for fat burning and muscle strengthening.


This type of training involves repeated bouts of high-intensity effort followed by varied recovery times.

Legs, Bums & Tums

A low impact class consists of an aerobic warm-up followed by a lower-body workout using dumbbells, resistance equipment and body weight to help firm and strengthen the legs, bum and torso.


Stepercise has all the benefits of a workout without putting stress on your joints.  It improves overall fitness by building strength, reducing fat and boosting your cardiovascular health.

Strength + Stretch

A power yoga-based class focusing on bodyweight exercises and dumbbells, infused with plenty of yoga stretches and poses to give you the ultimate muscle building and stretching combination.

Studio Cycle

Indoor cycling is a high-intensity group exercise class on a stationary bike, focusing on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity (race days) and recovery.

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